Always in season

From a fashion perspective, we're a bit in between seasons. The fall/winter collections are coming to the end of their seasonal sales and spring still seems a long way off. But when you want to refresh your look, you can always turn to a few well picked accessories.

Earrings all J. Crew, clockwise from top left: 1. Pave chandelier earrings; 2. Love ear cuff; 3. Blue drop earrings; 4. Tortoise hanging earrings; 5. Hammered hoops; 6. Tortoise square earrings

J. Crew offers a huge range in its jewelry department, but if you know what you're looking for, you can find a few great gems. We love these earrings that go from everyday to dressy without breaking the bank.

Watches all Shinola, from left: 1. The Birdy; 2. The Vinton; 3. The Runwell

Shinola is a Detroit-based maker of watches and fine leather goods known for its craftsmanship. Their watches in particular are beautifully made with a moderate price point given the excellent quality. We've picked three that we love in neutral colors that go with everything.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Laura Lombardi necklace; 2. MM Truck bracelet; 3. Sarah Chloe pinky ring.

The days of matching your jewelry to one metal tone are thankfully gone. We love an everyday mashup of gold, silver and whatever else you like. These are three classic pieces that you can mix in with your existing jewelry.

This Eileen Fisher clutch has a subtle metallic finish - it's a very stepped up neutral and has an unusual, long envelope shape. Wear it on its own or tuck it into a larger tote.

When you want to be hands-free, there's nothing like a good backpack. This one from Parker Clay is a beautiful quality leather and could be used for everything from a work bag to a diaper bag. No leather maker beats Parker Clay with its combination of quality and reasonable prices - not to mention their company ethos is pretty inspiring.

If you own a laptop, you need this Parker Clay case. It's fantastic on its own and easy to tuck into your work bag.

We've profiled this one before but it bears repeating - if you own only one clutch, it's this one from Parker Clay. It can be worn tucked under your arm (folded over) or carried by its gold ring or as an insert into a larger bag. It's classic and modern at the same time.