How to clean out your closet

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The energy of the new year is all about saying goodbye to the old and creating space for the new. And who isn't ready for that in 2021?? A good place to start is your closet (just ask Marie Kondo). Read on for Jen's tips for refreshing your wardrobe space so that you're ready for all the good things that are surely ahead.

After cleaning out hundreds of clients' closets, Jen has a tried and true approach to getting the job done. Here's her process in a nutshell, with a few suggestions for upgrading your closet in the end.

First step: go through all of your clothes and shoes, piece by piece, and be decisive about what to keep or toss:

1. Have you worn it in the last two years (given Covid)? If not, toss it. The only exception is formal wear or "special" pieces like grandma's fur or your rehearsal dinner dress.

2. Does it make you feel good when you wear it? If the answer is no, toss it.

3. Is it too small? If yes, toss it - keeping clothes that are too small doesn't help you lose weight, it makes you feel badly about not fitting into them.

4. Is it too large? If it's too large, get it tailored or toss it.

5. Is it damaged? If it's stained or needs altering or de-pilling, either take it to your local cleaner/tailor/shoe repair shop or toss it.

Second step: organize your space and make it someplace that makes you feel happy:

6. Donate or consign the wearable pieces you're tossing.

7. Organize your closet by type of item (e.g., blazers, pants, jeans).

8. Further organize your closet by season - Jen likes to put off-season clothes into another closet or box them up so you can feel excited when the season comes back around.

9. Invest in good hangers and get rid of all of the wire ones from the dry cleaner.

10. Make your closet a place that feels fresh by adding a scented hanger or reed diffuser.

All-time favorite closet upgrades: