How to create a mood board

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

As we turn the page to a new year and a more hopeful time, it feels like time for some fresh inspiration. Creating a mood board is an excellent way to wake up our eyes to new possibilities. Jen uses seasonal mood boards to keep her own eye for style fresh and to help clients define their personal style.

Jen's first step with all new clients is to have them go through magazines and pull images that speak to them. A collection of images that resonates with a client at a pure level tells a visual story and that story can help to define her personal style. Pro tip: try to do this exercise without your inner critical voice getting in the way (that won't be flattering, that's too expensive, that's not your color, you're not skinny enough for that). Once you have collected a set of images, compare it to your closet. Do your clothes reflect what you really believe is beautiful?

Below is a peek at what's on Jen's mood board right now. Scroll down for a video of Jen's comments on what's inspiring her these days (she's wearing the amazing Rivet Utility Bigwig jumpsuit in black corduroy).