Spring dresses and jumpsuits

Dresses and jumpsuits are always the easiest wardrobe choice, even more so in the warm weather when no complicated layering pieces are required. See below for some of our favorites from this season. You can pair almost any of them with a sneaker for a casual look, or go with a heeled sandal when you want to feel more dressed up.

Cotton jumpsuits are the way to go in the warm weather. The navy is a brand new style (the "Boss") by Rivet Utility and the white is by Rachel Comey. You can roll up the hem or wear either of these at their full length. We love the front zip - it's easy to get in and out and you can adjust for your own comfort. Note that the Rivet Utility style is more fitted than their usual (100% cotton, no stretch), so if you want more room, go up one size.

Jen loves a dress with volume and these are two great, flattering examples; the black is Rachel Comey and the red pattern is Natalie Martin. Some of us are afraid to step into a voluminous dress for fear it will make us look huge. The key is to pick a piece that has the right cut and drapes well. Style tips: you can cut the volume with a longer necklace or two (they will give you a longer line). Check out some (affordable) suggestions by J. Crew in our shop; and, pair a voluminous dress with a chunkier, higher heeled sandal (it will elongate you) like these.

This dress by Rachel Comey is the ultimate in versatility. Wear it with a casual sandal for day or a wedge/higher heeled sandal for evening. This particular peach color may come close to matching some people's skin tone - if that's you, avoid it since it may wash you out.

La Ligne's red dress is a great choice for getting dressed up again. This happens to be a very wearable shade of red and the dress is cut in a way that's universally flattering.

MM6 Maison Margiela makes this chic shirt dress. Envision it with a popped collar, unbuttoned at the top and a great black sandal. There are two adjustable velcro tabs that you can use to create a waist, or you can wear the dress loose. We love a dress that can be worn multiple ways.